Personal Systems

Personal Systems (HP Wolf pro security edition)


  • Full-stack Protection: Unlike alternatives that only protect above the operating system, HP takes a full-stack approach. HP Wolf Security builds security layer by layer, from motherboard hardware and firmware, through the OS, to application execution.
  • Endpoint Isolation: Revolutionary endpoint micro-virtualization stops malware, phishing and ransomware, and protects privileged user remote access. It relies on Intel and AMD CPUs for hardware enforcement, so that malware can’t get around it.
  • Hardware-based root of trust: Custom and standards-based motherboard silicon provides resilient, tamper-resistant platform for security services across the stack.
  • BIOS/Firmware: Fundamental controls protect the firmware layer from the rise in targeted attacks below the OS: code integrity, configuration security, and vulnerability management.
  • Micro-virtual Machines: Potentially risky tasks are run in micro-virtual machines, preventing attacks from infecting machines without impacting user productivity.
  • Application-level Isolation: Sensitive privileged-user applications are isolated from threats, even if the OS is compromised. Access to sensitive data and systems can be performed using general-purpose PCs, with decreased risk of attack propagation across security domains.